Lots of Juicy Ebike Updates on the way!

Lots of Juicy Ebike Updates on the way!

My New Vector Typhoon Build (coming soon)

It’s been quite awhile, but lately I’ve been busy riding, building, maintaining, and upgrading my ebikes and soon will be fulfilling a dream. I never sold my Edge hub motor and controller setup for my Electric Enduro Bike (EEB), so I purchased a Vector Typhoon frame and another dual crown DNM fork for another Direct Drive hub build. Also trying the motorcyle seat this time, thinking I would get more standover height. I was very wrong and it’s been slow going as I figure out what to do next.

Been Busy

That’s not good…

I’ve been riding a few miles almost every day, mostly on my backyard trails. Lots of practice on repairs as well, including a few broken derailleurs and other items. Also discovered the joys of an adjustable seatpost and installed one on my EEB with BBSHD as well as my Cove STD freeride bike (Non-Ebike).

I finally swapped in my Ludicrous V2 controller on my EEB with BBSHD. Wow, can’t believe the difference! I was able to do the swap with the motor on the bike following these directions and it went smoothly overall. For me, there are always those moments when you regret undertaking a project, but glad I completed this and was able to feel the rush of the Ludicrous V2!

Fulfilling a Dream!

Coming soon, my precious!

Finally, I’m thrilled that I also have a Luna X2 with Ludicrous V2 option ordered and on the way. It’s my second complete bike that I purchased direct from Luna. It was on sale for the lowest price to date, perfect timing! Very excited for a new motor (Bafang M600) and a carbon fiber frame, both firsts for me. After my experience with the Ludicrous V2 controller on the BBSHD, I knew I was going to check that option! I also think the X2 will be the most modern mountain bike geo I’ve had. Lots of updates to share shortly as well as some site maintenance, been neglecting this one lately.

Stay tuned!

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