“My” Power Wheels

My daughter inherited a pink Barbie jeep Power Wheels that provided hours of entertainment. I had always wanted one as a kid, but I never got to own one. I wanted to ride it too, but despite my small stature, I was too heavy.

To align with my quest to modify things to make them faster and/or handle better, I experimented on my kids Power Wheel ride-on toys. In both cases I “over-volted” them to increase speed and acceleration. I did this by adding another battery in series. For example, a 12 V battery in series with a 6 V battery = 18 V. This increases speed by a factor of roughly 50%. If you wire the batteries in parallel, you can extend the life or amount of time the batteries have usable charge. Lots of PowerWheels and battery tips to share that apply to other interests: eBikes, RC cars, etc.

Model:6 V Pink Barbie Jeep
Battery:18 V (12 V + 6 V in series)
Mods:Traction bands front and rear
Black spray paint

Model:Dune Racer
Battery:18 V (12 V + 6 V in series)
Motor: Stock

~Ebike Nerd🤓